Christine Beloeuvre  is a French artist, living and painting in Paris. She studied Psychology and Philosophy, then Advertising, and spent 30 years in advertising in France, Africa and Asia.

Influenced by her work in advertising, her constant curiosity for the plastic arts, her taste for decoration, jewelry and her travels, color and its combinations have always been a source of sensual joy, her mode of expression.

In 2016, after having formed other projects, Christine Beloeuvre discovered painting in a totally unexpected way, which quickly became an obvious choice.

Her inspiration comes from the theme of objects, which for her are cultural markers and not only commercial goods, to which she attributes a symbolic power. Her painting is surrealistic, imbued with symbolism and poetry. Her images speak to those who wish to have fun interpreting them, and she also develops them in the form of tales.

She creates a concept of wood, acrylic paint and collages of photos of objects that she calls "Tabula". She uses this collage technique for the undeniable contrast of the photo with her surreal painting.

Since 2018, to acquire the techniques, Christine Beloeuvre takes painting classes with an artist-teacher. She is becoming a professional, participating in exhibitions. In 2021, to vary her style, she sometimes draw her objects. 

Christine Beloeuvre would define herself as a storyteller in surreal images, very colorful and posing enigmas.  

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