Christine Beloeuvre  is a French artist, living and painting in Paris. 


Born in Paris, Christine Beloeuvre lives and paints in Paris.

After studying psychology and philosophy and then advertising, Christine Beloeuvre worked for 30 years in advertising in France, Africa and Asia.


Influenced by her constant curiosity for the plastic arts, her taste for decoration, designer jewelry and her life in Africa and Asia, color and its uses have always represented for her a source of sensual joy but also a language, whose multitude of nuances and subjectivity have always fascinated her.


In 2016, she plans to found a company around Colour and its appellations, based on decorative objects. Her need for creation is not satisfied. A sudden and irrepressible impulse leads her to buy drawing paper, brushes and tubes of acrylic paint.


Christine Beloeuvre started this activity by concentrating on combinations of 3 colors which she declines to infinity, creating shapes in total freedom.


She quickly converted to wooden panels for their raw appearance and their effect as wall panels. This medium lends itself to her concept of acrylic painting and her technique of collaging photos of objects.


Objects are an infinite source of creation, Christine Beloeuvre understands their language, as soon as her gaze is detached from their primary functionality, her imagination detects their symbolic power. Her painting is inspired by surrealism, it is also impregnated with symbolism and poetry. Her images intrigue, she also tells their stories in writing.


Since 2018, to acquire the techniques of acrylic painting, Christine Beloeuvre has been taking painting classes with an artist-teacher, Franck Cyrille.


She declares her activity to the Maison des Artistes. To deepen her knowledge, she participated in conferences at La Condamine, followed the webinars of Art x Terra, a community based in Montreal. Finally, she puts her paintings online on commercial websites, participates in exhibitions in Paris (see details in page Expositions). 



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